A Klingon Camping Experience,
Not just for Klingons...

In the Late Summer of 1998 a band of Klingons and other Sci-Fi / Fantasy Fans went on a weekend Campout.
The result was one hell of a party!
Soon it'll be time for TNZ 04! Pre-reg here!
We welcome EVERY Genera of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Community to come join us...

For this is the Neutral Zone


5 June 2004

IMPORTANAT NOTE: Due to personal issues the event coordinator has stepped down and completely removed himself from the event and fandom in general. This event will go on to the best of his knowledge. The event Pre-registration forms will be taken off-line as no-one has recieved any information or payments from this... ALL REGISTRATION FORMS ARE NOW BEING HANDLED BY the remailing members of the Fargo-Moorhead TNZ staff who can be reached via: Doug Corbett kb0nvq@yahoo.com.

NO rumors will be tolerated on this subject, there is NO place for unprofessionalism here. That is all...

31 December 2003

The pics of the site are now up... Look under the MAP link...
It's a beautiful place...
We've gotten a lot of feedback from some people whove asked us about the event fees...
Yes the pre-reg info is correct... the prices listed are for THE ENTIRE EVENT...
This has those who asked shocked...
Last year it ran $22.00/night for 2 people to camp alone at TNZ...
This year we've cut the costs down considerably...
Pre-Reg NOW to save some serious cash for other cons, and camping equipment!

We've also heard a lot of talk about TNZ being a Klingon only event...
This is NOT true...
From another group or genera? GREAT!
Bring your uniqueness to TNZ!
Volunteer to run games, discussions, or even show off your groups, or individual talents!
After all... It is The Neutral Zone!

9 December 2003

On-Line Pre-Reg forms and PayPal are now Operational!

Event Site info is now ON-Line: TNZ 2004 will be held in Baker, MN, more info to follow on that soon!
Baker, MN is 13 miles Southeast of the Fargo-Moorhead area.

8 December 2003

Join us August 19th thru the 23rd in 2004. FIVE Days of Klingons and Kamping!
And at a NEW site! On-Line Pre-registration has just made it's way to the website! Pay for your event/camping fees safe and securely with PAYPAL here on the site! Fill out the Pre-reg form, submit it, and PAY for it all at one stop here! New TNZ campsite information coming soon!

Event prices (for all 5 days - includes camping fees) are as follows:

Pre-Reg (till 6/1/04): $10.00 US
Pre-Reg (till 7/30/04): $15.00 US
At the event: $20.00 US

5 August 2003

Want to get in on the planning or discussions on what is to come of TNZ 2004?
Fill out the Feedback Form and request to be a part of The Neutral Zone Yahoogroup!
Plans are already forming for next years event!

4 August 2003

TNZ 2003 is OVER! We had a blast this past weekend! 15 people attended, and we all had one hell of a time! The battles were long, the parties ran late, we cooked more meat than we probably should have!

We've started Planning for Next year already! More than likely mid-August, and for 5 days, not 3! We're planning on a larger site, and much more! Stay Tuned for further updates!

31 July 2003


Friday: 30 to 40% chance of Showers and T-Storms, High of 85
Saturday: Partly Cloudy, High of 85
Sunday: Mostly Sunny, High of 85

27 July 2003

Less than a week to go till Neutral Zone... Pre-event RSVP has been extended till July 30th... Other than that just show up for the event! For those that are interested in the FFG/IKF Fighting events at TNZ, and to answer questions of weapons construction, rules, etc... Please Click Here!

13 July 2003

There haven't been many RSVP's this year, so it looks to be a small event again this year as well... Oh, well... We're currently expecting about 13 - 20 to show up for this event. PLEASE RSVP NOW!!!! So we know how we're setting camp up, how big the list field needs to be, etc...

We will be having 4 Tournaments at this years event. Best Death, Event Tourney, Field Battle Tornament, and Melee Tournament. Check this our for information on weapons and their construction!

1 June 2003

FAQ's: We've been getting a lot of questions lately on RSVP's! So we're making an FAQ pages currently. But here's how it works. This event is a coordinated camping trip. We have nothing to do with the KOA (aside from camp there), and do not have a "group rate" or "group name" ro reserve a campsite with. This is a coordinated mass camping trip. You can be sure we'll be there, so show up... Reg with the KOA, reg with us, and we'll show you where you can set up camp. The RSVP's just let us know who's coming, and help us determine how much space we need. So please, RSVP soon... As of late we have 13 RSVP's for the event. It's promising to be a great weekend!

10 May 2003

For those that are interested in the FFG/IKF Fighting events at TNZ, and to answer questions of weapons construction, rules, etc... Please Click Here!

5 May 2003

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!! We've added the 1st Draft of our Event Programming! CLICK HERE or see our Events section for details! Want to host a demo, discussion, or game? Let us know!

4 May 03

Plans are now underway for the programming of Neutral Zone 2003! So far all we have planned is the IKF/Fandom Fighters Guild betleH events (Field Battle, Melee, Best Death Contest, Pick up Fighting and Training and Authorization Workshops), The Fireside Parties for Friday and Saturday evening (IKF's 9th Anniversary Party, Drum Jam, Bragging Circles), and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

We need people to help us with other programming ideas... We want this to be more than just a Klingon event (Thus the name Neutral Zone). Ideas for Gaming, discussions, demos, workshops, and other events are more than welcome!

MERCHANTS! Got stuff to sell? Bring your stuff and sell right from your tent! We're not charging for space! We have a special area for merchants to set up camp. Your own hours, your own stuff, your own prices! Merchants section coming soon!

27 March 03

Some of the pics from last year have been put on the site. Still more to come...

Plans for this year are already set in motion! We plan on having a blast the first weekend of August this year! Start planning on attending, it's gaining momentum fast.

Merchants are needed! And the best part is, this year we're not "selling" merchants space... Sell your merchandise right from your tent! We'll be setting space aside just for those of you that want to do that! Set your own hours, and come and enjoy the fun!

Why are we not charging "high" entry fees? This is what fun and getting together with friends is all about... Why should you pay an arm and a leg just to go camping with a theme? Camping is expensive enough already, we'd rather just concentrate on having fun than worry about expenses!