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August 19th - 23rd 2003

South of Moorhead,MN

Specific Location TBA

A Klingon Camping Experience,
Not just for Klingons...

Event prices (for all 5 days - includes camping fees) are as follows:

Pre-Reg (till 6/1/04): $10.00 US
Pre-Reg (till 7/30/04): $15.00 US
At the event: $20.00 US

For More info on this campsite:

Coming Soon

What To Expect from the Neutral Zone:

Camping with Sci-fi / Fantasy fans! This is a camping event, so be prepared!
Also, Some may choose to wear costumes, so be prepared for that as well!

A betleH field battle and Tournament! The Klingons (and anyone else that want’s to) will be fighting with foam constructed betleH, so look out!

"TRIBBLE" Ball / Volleyball Volleyball and/or baseball with "Tribbles"... We love those furry little creatures enough to play with them!

Gaming of all kinds, PARTIES, Merchants, Classes, Events for the Kids, and Much, much More!

What To Expect from the Neutral Zone Facilities:


Our Event Disclaimer: The Neutral Zone is sponsored by Imperial Klingon Forces (IKF). This is an official IKF event and all applicable State, City, & Park Laws, as well as the IKF governing guidelines apply. Failure to follow these laws / guidelines will result in expulsion from event. All Klingon (and other) affiliations are welcome to participate in the events, as long as the previous mentioned statement is understood.

Participants of this event must sign a site waiver which acknowledges the activities of Neutral Zone may be potentially harmful to those not cautious, releasing IKF, and KOA Campgrounds from any liabilities whatsoever. This is here to protect us as an organization, and all parties involved!


Planning for Neutral Zone includes many things. How to stay healthy and feeling well needs planning also.

1. Drink plenty of fluids. This means water, fruit juice, Gatorade, decaffeinated soda, etc.
Try to avoid beer, wine, spirits, or caffeine, which tend to dehydrate the body (At the very least during the day).

2. Use care in food storage and preparation.

3. Bring any prescription medication you may need with you.

4. Bring and use sunscreen and bug spray.

5. Know the Neutral Zone fire safety regulations.

6. Know where your children are at all times and who is supervising them.

7. THE MEDICAL OFFICERS TENT IS THE FIRST AID STATION. For anything more serious we have to send you off site. The main "MO Tent" will be located across from the registration tent and will be staffed 24 hours a day as best as possible. The "MO Tent" will be open with very limited hours as on Sunday, August 22nd. A sign will be posted at the Reg. Tent, and MO tent listing our open hours prior to Friday at 9:30pm.

8. Always remember that you retain your freedom of choice. If you are offered care, you may always decline it. This includes when holds are called. Should a problem arise on or off the battlefield, the parties involved should contact the Site Chief MO as soon as possible. They can always be found via the White Sash with Red Cross. At the very least, exchange names so the problem can be resolved at some point during Neutral Zone. Problems taken home are much harder to resolve.


Please sign in at the main "MO Tent" as soon as possible. We are always in need of help fixing the "Boo-boo’s" that might arise. Bring a copy of your current medical certifications, and/or CPR card. Check with your Ops Rep for specific requirements. We will attempt to offer both first aid and CPR classes this year. If you are an American Red Cross first aid/CPR or American Heart Association CPR instructor and would be willing to help teach at the event, please contact the Event Coordinator as soon as possible. Volunteers are also needed for non-medical duties at the "MO Tent".

Waterbearers are needed for all of the major battles. It's a fun way for non-combatants to participate and a great way to meet people. There will be a book to sign up for the battles at the "MO" tent. Information will be posted there concerning waterbearer meetings and training classes. As always, we appreciate the donation of clean half-gallon and gallon bottles for use on the battlefield. These can be dropped off at the "MO" tent. You must be at least 18 years old to waterbear on the battlefield itself. This includes when holds are called. Those younger are welcome to help on the side lines.


Kids are more than welcome to come and enjoy the event, however as a parent myself, I sometimes need a reminder of sorts as well... So when coming to Neutral Zone with your children Keep in mind the following...

1. There are several busy roads near the site, and lot's of room to run, so please keep an eye on your children.

2. This large busy campground is full of adults who are there to practice mainly adult-only activities. While there are activities children of all ages can participate in, the younger the child the less there is available for them. Bring plenty of your own activities, in case what is there doesn't appeal or something happens to keep you in your own camp.


ONLY APPROVED ENCLOSED FIREPITS MAY BE LIT! (i.e. Grill, or controlled barrel)

Check with Site Officials for further details on Fires.

All camps must have the following fire safety equipment:

Two fire buckets with water or sand for every fire pit.

Fire blankets are strongly encouraged.

All fuels for flame-powered devices must be handled and used according to the following safety requirements: Liquid fuels must be stored and transported in state-approved containers. These containers are to be kept sealed and stored at least 20 ft. from flame sources. Liquid fuels may not be discharged or thrown onto fires. Use manufacturer-approved fuel with flame-powered devices.

All flame-powered devices and fires must meet the following safety requirements:

Flame-powered light sources must be spill-resistant.

Elevated flame-powered light sources must have shatterproof fuel containers.

No hand-carried flame torches are allowed.

Fire pits must be a safe distance from any structure.

Elevated flame-powered light sources must be stable and located at a distance equal to their height plus one foot from any structure or flammable ground cover.

When not elevated, flame-powered light sources must be placed upon bare (turned) earth or within a fire pit.

No open flames are permitted inside tents.

Flame or combustion heat sources are not recommended in any tent or enclosed structure.


The main Lost and Found point will be located in the Registration tent, and will be open for returns from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily during the duration of the event. Found items may be dropped off at the "MO" tent after hours. Ops Staff will handle returns during Council sessions.

Medication turned in to Lost and Found will be sent over to the "MO" tent, and from there an "MO" will search for the owner.

betleH and battle equipment left on the battlefield will be collected and returned outside the Marshals' Tent before and after each battle. Other items collected from the battlefield will be taken to the main Lost and Found. Here are some hints to simplify (and hopefully prevent) your Lost and Found experience...

Label anything you can't afford to lose. Include your name(s), your camp site at Neutral Zone, your home address and phone number.

Make a list of what you've packed for Neutral Zone. If anything on that list doesn't make it back into your car before you leave, check with Lost and Found.

Fighters establish a communal weapons dump for your group. Battle Equipment piled neatly beside the battlefield is less likely to be confused with refuse.

Be patient. If you have to leave the site before Lost and Found closes on Monday, August 23rd, let the Ops Staff know.

If you do find a lost item through Lost and Found, please help others do the same. Volunteer for a One or two-hour shift or offer a donation to help cover storage costs. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

FROM THE "Bridge Crew"
(Registration Staff)

General policies at the Neutral Zone are as follows. These rules are not negotiable and they will be enforced.

1. Pets are allowed at the park.

2. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to camp on site without a parent or court-appointed guardian. A letter from a parent appointing someone else (even a blood relative) as guardian is sufficient for entry into Neutral Zone.
Everyone who passes through the Ferengi, with the exception of minor children in the company of their parents, must show identification. Acceptable ID includes: driver's license, passport, Armed Forces ID with picture and date of birth. Emancipated minors must show legal proof of emancipation, in addition to the ID above.

3. Everyone attending Neutral Zone will pay the full fee for the weekend.

4. Payment is accepted in cash, or canned Food items, only.

5. The Ferengi closes at 9:01 p.m. on Saturday, August 21st.

6. The Neutral Zone closes at 4pm on Monday, August 23rd. Departure will be handled as follows:

Pack out your trash! Leave it as if you were never there.

7. NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ALLOWED ON SITE! (i.e. Drugs, weapons, Etc...) The Clay County Sheriff’s Department and the have agreed to make patrols in the area during the event.

8. ALCOHOL: ONLY those 21years of age and older may drink. Sale of alcohol on site is prohibited, violators will be prosecuted by Clay County Sheriff’s Dept. OR The Local Police Department.

9. Above all, have fun! That’s what this event is for... The rules are just there to protect you, the kids, and us.


The marshals at Neutral Zone will be instructed to deal with their responsibilities with a firm, but polite, manner. I expect the same courtesy to be extended to all staff of the Neutral Zone. Breaches of conduct on the field will not be tolerated by marshals or combatants and will be dealt with accordingly. My responsibility is to provide you with the safest, most enjoyable battles possible and I mean to do that. We will attempt to keep the battles moving with as few holds as possible, but I need your help to do it. Keep your cool, know the rules and be Honorable towards your opponent and I guarantee some great battles.

Ah, and one last thing... Garb is optional for the participants of the battle.


Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
IKF High Council Leader
(aka. Samuel W. Siegel)
Neutral Zone Event Coordinator

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