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Merchants Info

Here are the specifics on being a Merchant at The Neutral Zone.

1.) No Dealers/Merchants Fees.

2.) We will have a special area for the Merchants to set up camp in a "bazaar" style.

3.) Your camp area's will be close to the Event Staff as well as Event areas and party areas so they are easily watched from all areas and you can see most of the action from your camp.

Merchants may sell or trade their items of choice at The Neutral Zone as long as they follow the following guidelines.

1.) You bring your own equipment (tables, blankets, etc...)

2.) You set your own hours, and they must be posted outside your camp.

3.) Be Aware that there is NO electricity at the camp.

4.) You are responsible for your own merchandise, and sign a liability waiver stating that fact. The Neutral Zone Staff, KOA, and IKF are NOT responsible for theft, damages, or weather related accidents to anyone's property.

5.) You do not bring any illegal items or contraband for sale or personal use.

6.) If you decide to change your mind on being a merchant at The Neutral Zone give us ONE WEEK's NOTICE (7 days before The Neutral Zone) on the change.

You can RSVP as a merchant using the standard RSVP form.
Please let us know what kind of items you will be selling (genra, and type) so we don't place you next to another dealer who has similar items.

For More Information, contact the Event Coordinator:
Sam Siegel at: