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Planned Programming Events

Scheduled Programming


What fun is a camping event without stories around a campfire?
Bring your Con stories, what have you. Share them with us!


Have an item you want to discuss, argue, or knowledge you want to show off?
Bring them as well... There'll be pleanty to talk about!

Boasting and Insult Circles:

What fun would it be without telling tall tales and getting slammed,
All in the same circle?

Drum Jam / Bardic Circle:

Play an instrument?
Musicians are ALWAYS a welcomed treat for all!


Where would any event be without the gamers?
We want to include you in on the fun as well!
Have a game in mind? Contact us to set them up!
Use the RSVP Form and Volunteer.
Use the "Other" box to explain your games!


The Klingons have skinned several tribbles and will be inviting you to play volleyball with them!

King and Queen of FOOLS:

An old time favorite at any event, from any genera!
You know that person that does something REALLY embarrassing...
The kind of embarrassment that makes you cringe...
Now is the time to vote in the King Or Queen of Fools...
More info at Opening Ceremonies!

Costume Contest:

At a camping event? YEP, AT OURS!
4 catagories: Male and Female, Adult and Child.
(Child is 16 and under)

Call of the wild:

A contest to be performed! Men and Women, Yelling and screaming...
No, their not married! (although some might be...)
Each contestant must provide 3 seperate calls!
A Mating Call, A Hunting Call, and a Call for Help...
The more inventive one wins here!

betleH Fighting:

Well of course! Where there are Klingons, there are bound to be battles!
Although, this will be open to all that wish to try (18 and older).
We will train, and authorize you in the ways of combat.
There will be: a Field Battle, Pick up fighting, A Tourney,
a BEST DEATH Contest, and several other like happenings...


Want to throw a party? Here's the best way to do it...
1.) Get your camp set up in such a way that if someone staggers around
it'll be reasonably safe.
2.) CHECK ID! No-one under 21 is permitted to consume alcoholic beverages
3.) Make sure your camp is well lit, and well marked!
We want to know who, and where you are!